Strolling through the supermarket, I enjoyed the wave of cool conditioned air as I left behind the heat of the summer’s day.

Eager to quench my lips I hunted for the coolest drink I could find. My eyes caught the bottle, and knowing it was made for me……I grabbed it!!


Who would've known you could increase your summer sales by addressing customers by name?

In pouring over Government records, Coca Cola started the journey to a well researched and successful campaign. Consistently popular New Zealand names were selected, with additional Census data, and Maori, Pacific and Asian groups, ensuring NZ’s ethnic mix was covered.

The same campaign in Australia saw young adult consumption increase significantly, making it the most successful summer ever. A total of 18,300,000+ media impressions were earned, traffic on the Coke Facebook site increased by 870%, and the Facebook page grew 39%.


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Win customers name by name with a well researched brand and personalised touch.

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Source: Marketing Mag Australia, Idealog, and other sites.