10 years ago, there were technologies we never talked about, such as AI for writing and designing, online product render engines, and eLearning in the cloud.

With all these changes and moves towards new technology, have we lost the art of a tactile note to someone on their desk, brainstorming a concept on paper with our team, or writing in a journal to record our day?

Pen and paper should, and do, have a place in our environment and is a welcome relief from the glaring blue lit screens we look at all day. In client projects, the hand element is particularly beneficial for clients in idea generation.

This week we have been sketching up the early stages of a new digital website resource, on paper! With an agile approach this allows ideas to formulate, features to be fleshed out, and functionality to be discussed before technology takes its important place. Removing the screen brings a tactile, brainstorming focus that allows ideas to be floated and discussed with the client without permanency.

Is it my generation, or that I’m a visual person, I don’t know – but pen and paper will be part of Eden’s thought process for many years to come.

Perhaps it’s a bit of an oxymoron now typing on a computer, but hey, technology has its benefits too!

What things do you find helpful for using pen and paper?

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