In a time where we are living in a world of inconsistency and change both in the weather, in mental health, and in many other areas, the power of the word is one thing we can be consistent in.

Being consistent will build trust with those around us – with our family, friends, colleagues and even brands. It will establish relationships quicker, build integrity, and at the end of the day we'll end up with better relationships for it at home, in the workplace, and in projects we are working on.

Do what we say we will. If we say that we will call someone back, or send someone an email today, or meet a deadline by a certain time, we should do it. Sometimes things happen and we can’t always meet it, that’s okay – we aren’t perfect human beings. But if we can’t – let the person know, and keep them updated. A quick text or email is sometimes all that’s needed.

At the end of the day families, companies and brands are made up of people. We have the power in our word, our mouth, to influence life and trust into those around us. What will it be today?

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