In the 18th Century, the common potato was considered uneatable.

Prussians in Germany were known to eat few vegetables. And who could blame them - potatoes are pretty ugly looking!

King Frederick the Great had a big task on his hand to sell the potato as a desirable delectable. Before he knew it however, he had people eating potatoes throughout the country.


How did he do it?

By taking a new marketing angle.

In declaring the potato as a "Royal Vegetable" it became a highly sought after product for the 18th century peasant. Guards were charged with protecting "Royal Potato Patches" with strict instructions to not guard it too well. This initiated a vast underground potato operation because of its new highly perceived value.

King Frederick had effectively rebranded the potato.


How could your business improve its perception or intangible value?

Often intangible value constitutes for a lot more in our customers minds than we realise.

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