Before I was born I was thought of in Italy, but I never thrived there, nor would you find me there now.

People describe me as someone who is intelligent, warm, welcoming, a little posh, an environmentalist, and sometimes a bit jittery.

Being a healthy person, I like to drink and often have milk for strong bones. Some of my favourite flavours are vanilla, white chocolate, caramel, and mocha.

My name is Siren, but people better know me by my nick names Small, Tall, or maybe even Grande.


Have you guessed?

Whilst in Italy you may not find a Starbucks (due to the success of the Italian espresso), you will find Starbucks in 50 other countries around the world.

With a Brand Value of $5.3 billion, we can learn a thing or two.

Building personality into our business increases value and worth between a customer and the company.


If your brand (your business) was a person, how would customers describe you?

Try it next time. Even better, get honest results by having a third party ask your customers.


Source: Secrets of the Superbrands Series (BBC)