While walking one day in the woods near a small village, a master archer came across an old barn in a beautiful clearing.

Looking closer, he discovered the barn was covered in bullseye targets. To his amazement, an arrow had been shot dead centre in each target!

“How could a master archer be living in this small village?”, he said.

At that moment a young boy appeared from the barn.

“It was me,” said the boy. Immediately he took aim and hit the side of the barn. The boy then brought out a brush and paint, and proceeded to draw three solid circles around the arrow.

“That’s how I do it,” said the boy. “First I shoot the arrow, then I paint the target.”

How often do we take an arrow, try to shoot it from different angles, and expect it to hit the customer market we want?

Brand Education Tip #32:

Save time and money by being clear about how your customers think, and your value proposition to them. 

Business benefits?

  • get targeted marketing tools that give your sales approach focus, drive and purpose,
  • attract ideal clients, and 
  • secure customer loyalty.