One evening, as I was entering a San Francisco restaurant, a homeless person stopped me. He displayed an all-too-common cardboard sign that said: “Homeless. PLEASE HELP.”

Instead of giving money, I decided to help him increase his selling effectiveness. So I handed over two dollars under one condition: that he would let me change the message on his cardboard sign.

The man agreed, so I picked up his cardboard sign, wrote a new message on the reverse side, and walked inside the restaurant with my friends.

Two hours later on our way out, the man insisted on giving ME ten dollars! No wonder. He had made sixty dollars in two hours – his typical “take” averaged between two and ten dollars an hour.


What did his new cardboard sign say? “What if YOU were hungry?”

This would-be client faced the same challenge that many companies face: his message was weak, and certainly not unique. There are thousands of messages being communicated. How can YOU be strategic in making yourself unique from the crowd?


Developments at Eden - Being Strategic in Today's Environment

In today’s environment, businesses face many challenges where:

  • Buyers are more sophisticated,
  • Buyers are inundated with information,
  • Competition is more intense,
  • And sales cycles are longer.

Businesses must be strategic in today’s challenging environment. As part of Eden Design's developments this year, our Brand Strategy offering has been put together to meet this need.


What is Brand Strategy?

A plan for the systematic development of your brand in order to meet your business objectives. Brand strategy is informed by customer investigation, company vision, and unique product/service insight. This documented strategy becomes the unique blueprint for your business, bringing focused growth, and clarity for marketing efforts and ongoing business development.


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Source: Neuromarketing, Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain. By Patrick Renvoise & Christophe Morin.