Emails are a fantastic way to send a little or a lot of information. According to stats we send and receive over 100 per day. For some of you it will be more!

Emails however also filter out certain personal dynamics we might get by meeting someone in person, such as voice intonation and any other social chatter that is nice for showing someone you care.

I’ve learnt over the years that work relationships that become more meaningful are built on trust and being personable and that these attributes can be fostered in many different ways, including over email.

Try this tip. Before jumping into the subject of your next email, type and ask them, “How is your day going?” or a simple, “What did you get up to in the weekend?” It softens the tone and shows that you are interested in more than just work.

Adding a second short sentence about your own day shows your openness and tells them a bit about yourself… “I had a great weekend pottering in the garden” or, “My weekend was a bit challenging due to family sickness, but it was great for us all to rest for once”.

It's warranted that not every email should start this way, but occasionally, yes.

What does this have to do with design, well nothing, but also everything! The transferable skills between communication and design are all about engaging with the audience the message is purposed for.

Keep it positive and upbeat. No need to sugar coat, and no need to lie. Just be yourself, keep it brief, make it personal, and you may just brighten someone else’s day in the process.

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