A common question that all of us in New Zealand government agencies and organisations are addressing these days.

How should Te Reo feature together with the English language in our reports, strategies, and other organisational documents?

From a hierarchy point of view, what’s important for our organisation? Should Te Reo be first or second? Should it be bold, regular or italics? Coloured differently to English? All on one line or separate?

This week Eden have been working on a charter for a government organisation addressing these very questions, all whilst making sure the content is accessible and easy to read.

Working with multiple languages can offer readability challenges. The trick is to make it easy for readers to still skim through a document so that engagement in the content is not lost. Careful design and layout are required so that communication of each language is clear and easy to read. This is in fact required of all languages!

Eden works with Te Reo translators and has designed multiple Te Reo/English reports and infographics. Some of which you can find here in our portfolio.

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