It was a cool 35 degrees. Very warm in fact!

Camping on the beautiful island was truly an escape away. With a few snaps here and there, we needed one more to capture the moment and post for all to see.

Strolling to the beach, I was suddenly reminded we were in a country with some of the most dangerous reptiles.

"SNAKE!!!!", yelled Jo.

Too late!

In looking like a stick, I had already stepped on it!


Are you hiding from potential customers online?

Now, I'm not saying you're a snake!...but your brand relationship with customers online is no different to your relationships offline. The best are built on trust, being 'you' (and not a counterfeit), and showing genuine interest in others.

Next time you promote your brand in social media, how could you show trust in real and engaging ways?


Four social brand tips:

  • Thank a customer or give credit to another business
  • Avoid words like "buy now", "shop now"
  • Share knowledge - post a hot tip about your industry, service or product
  • Highlight employees - a birthday, employee of the month, an amazing vacation


Source: Based on a true story of a recent personal event