It had been a very pleasant afternoon. My wife and I had been driving, quite fast, across the countryside. In fact she URGED me to speed up. She was gorgeously dressed in red, and blinked her eyes at me with flattery as I skilfully took a corner.

“Ahhh the bliss,” I thought as we pulled into the petrol station, conveniently next to KFC. My wife’s favourite place for a pit stop.

On the road again we drove equally fast home, and screeched into the drive together. Suddenly! REAL wife opened the front house door, and looked towards me aghast!

With KFC in hand, I looked at one wife…and then back to the other. I tried to explain… “Errr honey, sorry I’m late for dinner! My Porsche and I went for a drive, and I got the major munchies!”


Brand is about perception.

Sometimes what we tell customers is interpreted differently to what we think.

Do you ever find yourself inwardly apologising for your brochure? Or wonder what customers perceive of your company because of it?


Brochure Test: How Successful is your brochure?

How can you influence your customers purchase, and get them to think positively or negatively towards your company?

Try this quick checklist to measure the current success of your company's brochure:


Brochure Checklist:

  • Consistency - Does the visual imagery, and look and feel, look like a family if put next to your website, business card and other business communications?
  • Memorability - Can anyone cover up the logo and tell it still belongs to your company because it has memorable words and images?
  • Relevancy - Does the content successfully answer the things that are most important to your customer? Do you know what those are?


If you answered no or unsure to any of the above, ask about Eden Design's brochure packages by email today.